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A little bit about us here at Guardiano Mastini

Jess and Nero

Zuccone and Jessica

Guardiano Mastini came to life in 2005.Starting out with an average female,we were very new to this amazing and addictive breed. I have been very fortunate to have had alot of advise and support from some well known mastinari worldwide and still continue to share the highs and lows with my dear friends from afar. We currently have 3 adult mastini,2 young pups and boys living with great friends closeby for breeding access. We are lucky to have moved into a wonderful home which was a boarding kennel but now turned into a super kennel area for our dogs. Health,function,type and temperament are the strengths that Guardiano strive to breed into our dogs,after losing 2 half sisters last year,we only know too well the heartache ill health in a dog can cause a family. We were blessed with a beautiful rainbow litter to start off the new decade and will be retaining two gorgeous girls. I hope you enjoy the website. Linda and family